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This page lists recent lectures and events. It includes a brief description plus a link to a complete summary.


Raymond J. Lawrence: The Scandal Of Christendom, December, 2008

Our December speaker was Raymond J. Lawrence, an Episcopal cleric, and retired Director of Pastoral Care at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is the author of Sexual Liberation: The Scandal of Christendom, recently published by Praeger. For those who may be curious, Lawrence was asked whether he believes in God, and he answered, “Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”  


Ricki Lewis: Stem Cell Symphony, November, 2008

Our November speaker was longtime CDHS member Ricki Lewis. She has a doctorate in genetics, teaches bioethics at Albany Medical College, and has authored a stratospheric number of articles, and, mainly, major doorstop-style science textbooks. Her talk was about the how and why of her recently published novel, Stem Cell Symphony


Patricia F. Salkin "Community Development and Religious Land Use" October, 2008

Our October speaker was Patricia F. Salkin, Associate Dean, and Distinguished Professor at Albany Law School. She is a nationally recognized expert on land use law, and author of several books. Her subject was “Community Development and Religious Uses: Piecing Together the Law.” It provided a good example of the evolution of law through the interplay of legislation and litigation.


Our September speakers were Alex Whisenhunt, 13, and her friend Erin Murphy, speaking about- Camino Seguro- "Safe Passage" September, 2008

The program featured a revisit to a topic we first heard in March, 2007, by Mindy Whisenhunt, concerning the “Camino Seguro” (Safe Passages) program in Guatemala. Mindy was formerly the Religious Education Director at Schenectady’s First Unitarian Universalist Society, taking youth groups on social action trips. This past summer, she took along daughter Alex and her friend Erin Murphy.


Dr. Steven Leibo- "The Climate Change Challenges" August, 2008

Our August speaker was Dr. Steven Leibo, Professor of International History at Sage Colleges, and also a commentator on WAMC radio. His topic was global climate change.


Frank & Therese Robinson- "17th Annual World Humanist Congress", July, 2008

Our July speakers were Frank & Therese Robinson, both CDHS members, and both of whom attended the conference in behalf of the Albany Capitol District Huimanist Society in Washington, DC, June 5-8. They thank CDHS for underwriting their registration fee. This report will covered only some of the "sexier" programs. A much fuller report can be found at [17th Humanist Congress]


Dr. Peter Scott Cameron- "Lee Miller- Female War Photographer" June, 2008

Our June speaker was Dr. Peter Scott Cameron, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Columbia-Green community college who also has a keen interest in the history of photography, especially in what he considers to be the great woman photographers of the early to middle 20th Century.


Mike Ignatowski- "Sustainability or Apocalypse" , May, 2008

Our May speaker was Mike Ignatowski, who has degrees in physics and computer science, and currently toils at IBM's Watson Research Center, doing something incomprehensible in the computer field. The portentous title of his talk was "Sustainability or Apocalypse: The Coming Perfect Storm of Problems and Opportunities in the Critical Decades Ahead."


Dr. Peter Heinegg- "The Joy of Pessimism", April, 2008

Our April speaker was Dr. Peter Heinegg, Professor of English (and ex-Director of Religious Studies) at Union College. Formerly a Jesuit, he labels his current stance "radical skepticism." His talk was billed as "The Joy of Pessimism - the Tonic Effects of a Humanism Without Hope."


Dr. Alethia Jones- "Immigration - the Moral Issue of Our Time?" March, 2008

Our March speaker was Alethia Jones, who has a PhD in political science from Yale and teaches at Rockefeller College, specializing in urban and ethnic politics. She was originally Jamaican, arriving here with a green card at age 11. Her talk was about "Immigration - the Moral Issue of Our Time?"


Dr. Sherrie Lyons- Convincing Men They Are Monkeys, February, 2008

Our February speaker was Dr. Sherrie Lyons, a CDHS member who is a Professor of Evolution, Biology and Nutrition at Empire State College, and author of the book Thomas Henry Huxley: The Evolution of a Scientist. Her talk was titled "Convincing Men they are Monkeys."


Jacqui C. Williams-"Fill in the Blanks in American History", January, 2008

Our January speaker was Jacqui C. Williams, Founding Director of "Fill in the Blanks in American History." Her talk focused on the story of black people during the American Revolution.


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